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  • 05:19 Popular Netsanet Melesse - Nigeregn (ንገረኝ)

    Netsanet Melesse - Nigeregn (ንገረኝ)

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  • 05:55 Popular Teddy Afro at Echo Stage  - Abebayehosh

    Teddy Afro at Echo Stage - Abebayehosh

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    Teddy Afro rocks the house new year party 2016 Washington, DC

  • 04:39 Popular Jano band - Yinegal

    Jano band - Yinegal

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    Jano band - Yinegal - (offical music video) New Ethiopian Music 2016 Download Download Download New Ethiopian music video 2016, jano band new music video, ethiopian rock music video,new amharic rock music video, jano band new amharic rock music video Hail

  • 04:26 Popular Seble Tadesse -Mabede New - ማበዴ ነው

    Seble Tadesse -Mabede New - ማበዴ ነው

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    New Ethiopian Music " Mabede New" By Seble Tadesse ©AndTunes The reproduction and distribution of this copyrighted work is prohibited by law.

  • 05:59 Popular Abby Lakew -Befiker Eskista  -  በፍቅር እስክስታ

    Abby Lakew -Befiker Eskista - በፍቅር እስክስታ

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    Music " Befiker Eskista" By Abby Lakew © All rights reserved to Abby Lakew and BN Studio Productions. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the pu