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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy describes how and when ETC collects information from you and its use. ETC collects information about you and the device you use to access ETC services. By registering to use ETC services you agree to the collection, transfer, manipulation, distribution, storage and disclosure of information about you and your device you use to access our services worldwide.

Information collection:

ETC collects information from you and your devices in various ways. ETC collects information when you register to our services. Basic information you provide about you like name, location, age, username, passcode, and more is collected initially. In addition to this we collect information about your activities in the ETC community. Activities like log data, cookies, widget data, email communications, posts, links, location information, ip addresses, and various information that we deem important.

Information use:

ETC uses the information we collect from you and your devices to better understand how you interact with our Services, to monitor aggregate usage by our users and web traffic routing on our Services, and to customize and improve our Services. In addition, ETC uses the information to further ensure your safety and security. ETC values your privacy highly and treats your personal and device information in a very delicate manner that will not jeopardize yours and others safety in the ETC community. We understand that ETC community members have different concerns about their privacy. ETC treats each concern in a highly professional and sensitive manner. If you have such a concern bring it to our attention and it will be addressed immediately. All concerns need to be addressed to privacy@andtunes .com for proper response and resolution.


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